Saturday, March 15, 2014


My past week has been filled with thoughts on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. I don't know anyone and am not related to any of the passengers of the plane but I can at least try to imagine what the family members of the passengers are going through. It's quite intriguing reading and watching all kinds of theories and speculations coming out from different sources amidst the fact that they have found no hard evidence from 7-day long investigation. It's amazing to see how so many countries are willing to get involved in the search program and how so many people from around the world, of different races, of different religions, unite and pray as one for the passengers and crew on board and the family members waiting anxiously. It makes me wonder why can we only do it when tragedy happens? Why not everyday?

As day goes by, I feel that the pressure is getting higher for the Malaysian government, being claimed to show slow progress and lack of coordination in the search (and rescue) program. I think that other than praying for the passengers on board and the family members, we should also spare some thoughts on the officials, the investigators and the massive number of staff involved in the search program. I'm pretty sure looking for a structure even as big as the 777 on a vast sea (and also land) is not an easy task. And it's becoming clear that this is a special case in which there's a lot of unusual readings and anomalies. This is not a piece of cake. If it were, experts from 12 countries wouldn't be shaking their heads, baffled. Let's pray that everyone who's involved in the search program can keep their spirits up high and do their best. 

Hope is always there, for me, personally. Miracles happen. Everyday. 


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