Hello. My name is Pam Muljono and Paperonia is a call-sign for my paper-related projects. I'm an architecture graduate and have been working in a local architecture & interior design firm in a little town just outside Jakarta. Paperonia covers mostly of my papercut works, although I also enjoy making other (cute) things that can be made using papers (and also with a little bit of cutting involved). I first started cutting in 2011 after seeing fresh, minimalistic works by Patricia Zapata (A Little Hut) and more intricate, elegant works by Naomi Shiek (Woodland Papercuts). My choice of themes is pretty random, I pick up ideas from my current favourite things like from movies, books or music, so mind some of the geek stuff, eh. At the moment, I'm not taking any commissions/orders, but if you have an interesting project coming up in which you might want to collaborate with me, do hit me up. I like to listen to other ideas and draw inspirations from old and new friends. I guess that's one way how we all can grow and live better.
© Paperonia - Pam Muljono

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