Sunday, March 11, 2012

My astronaut has returned to his maker

Remember my cutting of Angels and Airwaves' astronaut? I am so grateful that so many fellow AVA fans appreciate that. About a month ago, the organizers of A Tribute to AVA asked me if I would make another cutting of the astronaut as a souvenir/token of appreciation from AVA's Indo fan base (AVAIndo). Dare I say not? I am honored and again, grateful, that I got to make that cutting for the band and even more, got the chance to present it to David Kennedy in person.

With Mareta and David

I look like a college student presenting work during crit session.

(By the way, it was an awesome show. The guest star was David Kennedy, the guitarist of the band. A few local bands played some AVA songs on the stage and at the end of the show David did a DJ performance.)

While I was re-packing the framed cutting into its box, David told me that Matt, their bassist does some cuttings, too, but the big-scaled one. He did a large scale astronaut cutting as a spray-paint stencil. I immediately recognised their keyboard stand that they've been using recently, saw it on one of their youtube videos, a silver colored electone-like structure that's covered in artistic drippy black astronaut graphic. He confirmed my guess, that's the one Matt did. Well, so I told David to make sure Matt sees my cutting.

He will be traveling to maybe few more cities before he flies back to the states, I really am not 100% sure that the frame will not break (It's padded and everything, but, glass on glass frames look so fragile, yikes!). Oh, but on technical side, I would like to share a problem I faced, in which, by the time I was about to present the gift, the artwork went slightly slanted from its perfect position. I hand-carried it thru some walking, a bus ride, some more walking, a car ride, some more walking and then some seeing-a-concert, so it went through a lot of bumps in that packaging. So, I will make sure a better framing next time, and probably a slightly thicker paper (I used 160 gsm for this).

That's it! I had a great time yesterday, I hope you did too!

Oh, I got my original work signed by David, too.

Thank you to Jon Goodson, Sena Mahesa and Mareta R of @avaindo.



  1. Great work pam, hopefully AVA can come this year so you'll have the chance to make another cutting for them. Even better, having time with Matt to discuss how to work on the big-scale one teehee...

    1. Thank you Sena! Makasih banget uda diajakin loh, seneng sekali :D


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