Saturday, February 4, 2012

I call this "astronot duduk" papercut

It means the sitting astronaut. If you haven't known yet, let me tell you now, Angels and Airwaves is the name of my favorite band. Yes, the name itself tells you it is such an awesome band. They released a double album late last year which also included a movie project that is called LOVE, which is also the whole album's title. Now, the logo of this album (and also the whole project) is an awesome astronaut sitting down on a crescent moon (the movie is about a stranded/abandoned in space astronaut). The packaging of the album is so beautiful that on Monday night I was singing along to the CD, looking at the CD box, I got a strong urge to make a cutout of the logo. Tuesday night I attempted it. It was bloody challenging for me because I usually cut straight lines or big curves. This astronaut consists of tiny curls. I didn't know how to work my knife, but it turned out to be pretty sweet, I love it. There's a lot of work on neatness that's need to be done, I'll work on it. By the way, I did not draw the template by hand, I'm not that good of a illustrator, hopefully yet. I searched for the image online and adjusted the posterization a little bit on photoshop to lessen the curl details. So, image credit is to Angels and Airwaves' graphic designer, whoever he is :)



  1. hello! i really love the cut out. could you provide me an image file of the cut-out version of the astronaut? please? thanks :) big big fan of AVA too!

    1. hey there! i could email you the file but where to? :)

    2. hello! thanks for the reply! please e-mail it to :) thank you so much!!

  2. Wow! This rocks! Awesome work.


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