Monday, February 13, 2017

Pay Attention to the Greys

Currently loving this quote, because it's very much a suitable self reminder especially for my current situation in which I have to make a number of big decisions. I try to at least virtually make a list of pros and cons so as to come up with the most logical and obvious choice. But hey, this quote is reminding me again of the fact that some of the biggest blessings I have received were based not on the obviously correct choices but rather to some risky ones instead. The blurry, "grey" zone might turn out to be the better choice because it might lead you to the unknown, colorful and more adventurous path! But as always, I pray no matter what. Be it the obvious black and white, or the vague grey, I always pray when making decisions. May your choices (and mine) be the best and the blessed ones!

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