Friday, May 20, 2016

Travel Itinerary

I came across the chance to work on a very interesting project this (or last?) month. My cousins were celebrating their 15th anniversary and planned on bringing their two kids and four parents on a trip to Bali and Lombok. They wanted to make an itinerary list for their trip, but would want it to come in a pretty packaging. So I made them a 20cm x 20cm paper folder with custom handcut covers with their respective names included, and inside I slipped in 6 sheets of their fun-filled schedule for the trip plus 1 sheet of very touching prologue. When my cousin told me his idea for this "papercut itinerary folder" thing, I said to myself, "How come I never thought of this? This is cool!". I also had fun producing this, so much so that I actually was 2 days early on my finishing schedule. My body was so pumped up that on D-3 I decided to stay up and continue cutting instead of following my strict and delicate sleep schedule. (You have no idea how much I love sleeping. I love it. Love it!). I look forward to more never-done-before projects like this! Till next time!


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