Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dutch House Tea Candle Hurricane Cover - with template

A friend sort of "challenged" me by giving links to images of pretty paper lanterns/tea candle cover in shapes of houses. They were very intricate works and I knew I was in no place to do works that delicate. But the ideas sank into me in a way. I remember being on the Canal Cruise in Amsterdam and I was really excited looking at canal houses one by one, each was different from the other but as a whole they make a very beautiful block of tall, lean, colourful houses. So I thought I'd do the Dutch Canal Houses as the tea candle cover.

Funniest thing was, the night before I made this was the night my friend showed me the images of paper lanterns in house forms. That very night, I dreamt that I was running home only to find my house and my neighbors' houses were ablaze in fire. So the next night, when I made these paper lanterns,  I thought to myself "dang, these are papers, if I were to put lit candle inside it I'm gonna burn these". And then bam! Oh that was what the dream was telling/reminding me! Do not use real candle and fire! Hahahahahah. Actually, I don't know if the dream was telling me that or some other things. But it's 2 weeks later and I'm fine and my house is not burnt. So there, I used LED tea candle, you too, please use LED candles alright. Templates are attached here. The work is nothing fancy, just straight lines and not much to cut. I've been slacking recently, only trying to do things as simple as they can. It's just a phase, I hope. Enjoy!


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