Monday, August 11, 2014

Ayo Sekolah!

Ayo Sekolah - Ayo Kuliah (translates to something like "let's go to school - let's go to college") is a charity organization by Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jakarta that helps out underprivileged families to send their kids to school and college. I happen to be a part of this group in my parish, St. Laurensius. Last weekend, our parish celebrated our anniversary and held a 2-day fair/bazaar. ASAK (Ayo Sekolah - Ayo Kuliah) participated in this fair, too. Since our theme is education, we had 300 custom hand-wrapped chocolate bars given out to visitors who could answer general-knowledge questions based on their age or school levels. It was such a fun booth! Crowd would form like a snowball and people would stay on to listen to others being questioned because at the end of the day, they learned at least a new fact. I, too, learned a lot of new things :)

We've been gathering donors and sponsors for 9 months now and schools were just reopening recently so we made thank-you slash update cards to give out to our sponsors and donors. On the cover is a papercut I made in the shape of a dove made up of the faces of our sponsored children reflecting our prayers for our sponsors and donors that they be granted peace through and through.

If you are interested in joining or helping to expand this organization, go to

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