Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mix Tape

I grew up around cassettes. I remember clearly when I was twelve I was such a cheapskate and I recorded my favorite songs from the radio to dozens of tapes. Just so you know, I now collect music CDs :) I appreciate great musicians and I hope they and their family will never ever starve. And also I want my grandkids to listen to the CDs I'd be leaving them with so they'll have knowledge of awesome music :p

Wait, I was babbling. Yes, tapes. Remember also back in old days we used to make mix tapes? Valentine's Day is coming up in roughly a month. Why not go back to old-school way of tiving mix tape for your lover?! Awesome, eh. But no, not the ordinary kind. I don't think you still have tape player. Give this, papercut. It's now selling on my (just recently updated) Etsy. You can have it customised with your names (or others) too. I'm not charging for postal within Indonesia for this item ordered before V Day, so go on! :)


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