Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paper candle holder

Last weekend my family celebrated Easter. We went to church on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The peak celebration was on Saturday mass. There's always this part in the beginning where all the lights were turned off and everybody would light up candles symbolizing Christ's ressurrection bringing light to the world. There are usually tonnes of candles and plain paper holders available at church for everyone to take, but my mom told me on Saturday morning that she wanted me to make DIY candle holders just for us so we wouldn't have the same as everyone's. She also added special request that they can stand so she shouldn't be holding one all the time. So I made some quick ones right after breakfast and I ended up making 2 and a half, the half being finished by my dad who attempted his first papercutting. His turned up really good!

All in all, the holders worked well, and Easter holiday was good :)

p.s I don't know for sure if "holder" is the accurate word to describe this, but its main use is to protect the hand from the hot melting wax ;)


My dad's first papercutting attempt. He did a great job!


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