Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eyes are jewels

The past two weeks I've been having troubles with my eyes. At work, I spend at least 10 hrs a day staring into computer screen filled with neon-colored lines (I work in architecture, sketchup and autoCAD are my buddies). So what's been happening is that by 2 p.m every day, my eyes will go teary and itchy. On some days, when I came home, it got worse when I started doing papercutting. They itched and hurt and watered at the same time. I think I forced my eyes too much. 

Last weekend something happened right after I took out me contact lenses after a 2 hrs nap. Upon taking them off, my left eye hurt whenever I blinked. So I practically did not dare to open my eyes because then I would have to blink and thus it would hurt. It happened again after 4 years. A bit of my cornea got scratched. It sounded scary, but it's actually commonly happening to people even without contact lenses. I am fine, the pain only lasted half a day. Got my eye drops and everything, so it's all good. The point is, it happened so I could rest my eyes :)

So, I haven't done any new piece since last week, but I forgot to post this one. It's a 15cm x 10cm congratulations card I made for my middle school friend who got married last last week. It's inspired by Naomi Shiek's RSVP card :p Which I realize, I think you do too, that it can be anything, thank you card, birthday card, invitation card, you name it! 

Oh, I am also excited that I was asked to make a piece of token of appreciation for a person who is not a superstar but it's someone I (and lots of my friends) look up to and admire. The piece is not gonna be something grand or super delicately-detailed or anything, but the fact that I get to do this only excites me so much! But I don't wanna blabber to much until it is done, I don't wanna jinx it!

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