Monday, May 16, 2011

Nature Series Bookmarks

I recently started reading books again. No, I didn't buy new ones. I just realized that I have many unfinished books for possible following reasons:

1. I lost the engagement due to long break halfway through reading
2. I don't find the book that much interesting
3. I get too cranky and search for the book's summary on wikipedia
4. I don't understand the big words and deep philosophy of it

I come up with some kind of a hopefully logical and sensible solution which I think will mostly solve problems number 1,2 and 3. That is to read books backwards. That way, I'd know the conclusions of books I own. I know the conclusions because I read them, not by searching them online. Hopefully by read backwards, the climax reached will nudge my interest to go backwards to where it all started from. Does it make sense?

As in for problem number 4, I think it won't be that easy to make an average girl turn to a highly intelligent one in a short period of time. So, I'll take it slow and steady and mend myself up to be smarter each day.

So here, I made a set of bookmarks to keep myself spirited in finishing my unfinished books. They're inspired by Patricia Zapata's coaster set that I still have not tried out because I don't know where to get Mod Podge! What is Mod Podge? :(No coaster set, so I give you bookmarks instead. ----

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