Friday, April 15, 2011

Papercutting Card First Series

That's the title because I feel like I might be doing a whole lot more after this. As you know, I've been doing couple things I've seen from Patricia Zapata's blog I felt very alive and inspired after browsing it through. I even showed her my hurricane cover through twitter and she replied saying it was a well job done (gosh, I felt so happy, I'm not gonna lie about it). Anyway, so, after all that browsing session I had few things coming up in my mind showing me things I can do, and most of them involve paper cutting (that is because Patricia Zapata does lots of them). But, really, I am so happy to have found her website because she really does focus on papers and don't involve crazy pain in the ass sewing or nailing or electric-sawing activity. Ok, I might have exaggerated on the electric saw part, hehe. Also, her work is added with graphic design touch which makes them all identified as artworks. Martha Stewart, you better watch out cos Pat might be my new personal idol and hero ;)

Here are some cards I made yesterday.


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