Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recycled Matchbook Notepads

I have a number of organizer/journal books in my house with tons of left-over unwritten sheets. I also have a stack junk mails and promotion booklets laying around the house all over. Here's an idea on what you can do to make those garbage-item into something adorable and useable. Make notepads!

The left-over pages from your journals can be randomly put together. It doesn't matter if the lines or the patterns or the colors of the sheets are all different. The more random it is, the better. For the cover of the pad use thicker material with images from your junk mails or newsletters. If you do not know how to bind a book, fret not. I don't, either, so what I did was I uses the good old stapler. I made a bunch of 5 notepads and I'm crazy about them, I can't even decided which one to use first!

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