Monday, February 21, 2011

Mini Bouquet


Still inspired by "brides" movies, let's make a mini bouquet! I just learned how to make paper flower the super easy way and I didn't have a vase or container to put them in, so let's pretend we're brides!

To make the flower:
1. Draw a spiral of about 10 cm in diameter on a magazine page
2. Cut along the line and stop when you come up with a 2cm circle at the core
3. Twirl the paper starting from the outside to inside
4. Dab an amount of glue at the core circle and lay the coiled paper on top of it.

You have your flowers now. As the stem you can use whatever things you can find at home, satay sticks or wires. I used straws. Poke a hole on the bottom of each flower and insert the stem into in, securing with glue if you wish. Use bread paper, of clear wrapping plastic, or crepe papers to make a wrap around the flowers like a bouquet, and add a ribbon to tie them all together.

Well, I do realize that I might have too few flowers for the bouquet, but you can make a ton of them, so go crazy and make many flowers!

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